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What Should You Know About IoT?

The Internet of Things or IoT is a term that successfully cut through the noise in today's world. As we technologically improve, our dependency...

Take Business Continuity to the Cloud

The IT department of companies are under constant pressure to apprehend the latest technologies and use them to manage businesses, store data, applications, and...

7 Steps To Develop An Effective Cloud Disaster Recovery Plan

It is not easy to forget the efforts that were taken years ago to carry out the basic necessary functions that we are using...

Is the Hybrid Cloud model right for your business?

Hybrid cloud deployments have become an increasingly popular choice among enterprises. According to MarketsandMarkets research, the hybrid cloud market is expanding at a 17 percent compound...

Considering a Disaster Recovery Plan? Think CLOUD!

Disasters are unpredictable. It can be cyber-attacks, equipment failures, natural disasters, simple power outages, human errors, security vulnerabilities or anything that can cause risks...

The Value of IoT with cloud Enabled Intelligent Manufacturing

Technology is changing lives and it has grown to a point where it can substitute people. Internet of things (IoT) is such a technological...

Can Cloud Infrastructure replace the Traditional IT infrastructure

 IS CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE REPLACING THE TRADITIONAL IT INFRASTRUCTURE? As times change and businesses grow, we can witness the rise in demand of enterprises for technologies...

What Potential Does Artificial Intelligence Backed Up With Cloud Hold?

Everyone is convinced that cloud computing is irreplaceable.  With expert scientists working on how to enhance and develop cloud, we should be expecting a...

Why choose a Server led by Cloud?

Transform Your Business Applications/Website Experience with Scalable & Flexible Server Led Cloud Hosting Earlier websites were hosted in traditional servers that were kept in data-centers....

Do you believe in these myths about cloud storage?

Despite the rising use of cloud storage, there are myths surrounding its features and security that are hindering innovation. Such myths are making capable...

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