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What Potential Does Artificial Intelligence Backed Up With Cloud Hold?

Everyone is convinced that cloud computing is irreplaceable.  With expert scientists working on how to enhance and develop cloud, we should be expecting a revolutionary invention soon. Another sensational technology is Artificial Intelligence which is as promising as cloud computing and is predicted to have huge potential to reach the top. Have you ever wondered what the clubbing of these two would give? Even if you have not, many geniuses from around the world are already pitching in to make it happen.

Recently, Microsoft introduced a dedicated three year program, which is one of a kind, named “Intelligent Cloud Hub” to empower chosen Indian institutions to educate the young minds about Artificial Intelligence and Cloud technologies. India is the first country to have received the tremendous opportunity to stage this collaboration.

So why exactly is this initiative by Microsoft unique as well as the need of the hour?

“Jobs of tomorrow will require a very different set of skills, and collaborating, training and working with AI will be as important as collaborating with people.”-Mr.Manish Prakash, Country General Manager of PS, Health and Education of Microsoft India, coherently answered hinting that the future is, in fact, AI and cloud.

The program aims to equip selected research and higher educational institutions which lack resources despite having a flair by providing AI infrastructure, curriculum and skilled faculty to train students in Al and cloud technologies. These institutions will get best-in-class facilities, onsite training for both faculties and students, content with curriculum and participating students will get access to cloud and AI services, developmental tools and developer support.


Fusion of Cloud and Artificial Intelligence

AI is omnipresent with its presence in fields from healthcare to travel and tourism.  With these forecasts it is impossible to push aside the fact that AI is influencing the world-

    • The amount of money spend on intellectual and AI frameworks is predicted to increase yearly at a rate of 50.1% through to 2021.
    • The Al market which was only around $2.5 billion towards the end of 2017, is supposed to be worth about $60 billion by 2025.

One space where the AI will hugely impact for sure is the cloud computing market.

Cloud as always is growing and expanding. Public cloud industry alone stands at over $200 billion as of now and is predicted to be worth over $1,250 billion by the year 2025.

The advent of cloud computing had brought about a series of changes that altogether started a new era in computing. It has given new firms the power to directly jump to a position where old firms had to knuckle down for years to reach. This kind of an advantage will definitely disrupt the rhythm of the market if old firms do not find a method to incorporate cloud into their traditional computing setup.

AI basically seeks for a premier storage house to safeguard all the data it possesses. In simple words, AI would not be present without a mammoth like cloud computing. The crude power offered by cloud computing is the thing that enables companies to gather, store, process, and break down data in the stunning volumes presently required.

The cloud is an important part of the AI framework due to two prominent reasons-

    • Firstly, the data sets these organizations are utilizing would not be open now if it were not for cloud.
    • Secondly, the fact these data storage and other data centered services that empower firms are available to customers at a moderate expense.

The only reason why Al is lagging and not reaching the masses is due to the absence of experienced and talented individuals in firms who have the knowledge and aptitude to program it. Even though companies know how to utilize AI, they do not have the potential to build applications or algorithms to create the desired outcomes.

As said before, cloud is huge and is still growing. Whereas, for AI, which is a relatively modern technology, it has to still overcome few hurdles to reach the top. As the cloud becomes more amazing, the access to various services of AI is possible as the functions expected to execute them are also available. So, we can expect Al to become more and more mainstream with cloud over time.

Most importantly, cloud computing using AI is trans-formative. With AI driving cloud we can expect cloud to reach higher than ever. In the next couple of years, we will witness how cloud and AI contribute to the enhancement of each other in the business world. Even though cloud is relatively new, it is constantly fulfilling major needs and demands of firms.


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