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Hybrid Cloud

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Supporting an ever-changing business environment by solely relying on legacy IT environment is hardly possible. Finding the right mix of physical infrastructure and cloud deployment options can help meet the performance needs while also building business agility. Hybrid cloud architecture does exactly that it offers the benefits of both public and private clouds as well as provides an opportunity to take advantage of the existing architecture in a on-premises IT environment.

Why Hybrid Cloud is ideal for you?


Scalable as you grow


Security and compliance


Resource optimization and cost saving


Best of both worlds

Finding out which model works best for your business requires thought and assessment.

Our cloud experts can help you get started with your hybrid cloud journey.


Offerings for Hybrid cloud


Backup to the Cloud

Traditional on-premises backup methods such as tape libraries and backup appliances can be a challenge to business scaling as data volumes grow and maintaining secondary standby sites can be prohibitively expensive. Cloud backup solves this issue.


Multi-cloud and DR solutions

Easily build solutions where primary data centre can be on-premises while the secondary setup can be hosted on the cloud. Additionally, primary setup can be in one cloud vendor while the secondary setup can be done in another.


Data Tiering & Storage Expansion

Adding capacity to on-premises NAS and SAN storage arrays, and provisioning new ones on a regular basis, consumes staff time, budgets, and rack space. Sometimes it's impossible to get new capacity as quickly as applications and business groups need it, because of procurement cycles, hardware scalability or physical infrastructure and power limits.


Compliant- based solutions

Some industries which is security and compliance based will not expose the critical data to the outside world. At that case, the critical applications will be kept in on-premises while the non-critical applications can be hosted on the cloud through dedicated end- end connectivity to ensure secure connection.


Big Data Processing

Vast amount of raw data is produced everyday and manual handling of it is difficult. Big Data processing helps effortless management of complex data, the volume, velocity and variety of which are too big to be handled in traditional ways.


Cloud Bursting Solutions

Cloud busting aids to dynamically deploy applications that generally run on a private cloud into a public cloud to meet expanding capacity requirements and peak demands when private cloud resources are insufficient.

Our Process

Our expert guidance can help you get started.

  • Assessment
  • Design
  • Plan
  • Proof of Concept
  • Migration
  • Migrations are fraught with risks which can limit impact and derail expected outcomes. Redington's cloud engineers proactively assesses and evaluate your current workloads and mitigate risks associated with migration.

  • We evaluate feasibility and build an effective strategy for your cloud migration
  • Our Cloud Assessment enables organizations to assess their cloud readiness and feasibility
  • Plan, optimize and save through tools like TSO Logic and Cloudamize
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    Then, we design an appropriate migration strategy based on your applications, databases, storage and physical or/and virtual servers.

  • Make a tailored cloud solution that is technically intended by applying the suggested plans with the recognized demands in mind
  • Create a target cloud architecture based on the customer’s use case
  • Follow security best practices
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    Next, based on your migration strategy and destination environment, you receive a customized and comprehensive project migration plan.

  • To ensure that your cloud meets not only the requirements of IT, but also your company's needs
  • We handle cloud service suppliers based on your present and future requirements
  • We determine service costing and pricing, and ensure compliance with regulations
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    Before you actually move your workload to the cloud, it's always a great idea to create a tiny proof of concept (POC). Redington’s proof of concept helps you step into the new environment with greater confidence and knowledge.

  • Compare performance with your current implementation
  • Understand various levels of complexity associated with application migration
  • Address and correct challenges with network
  • Make an informed decision based on actual assessment
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    The final step of migration is carried out as per schedule and plan, with minimal downtime and disruption.

    Our Deployment models include:

  • Re-host
  • Re-platform
  • Refactor
  • Hybrid
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    Use Cases


    Hybrid cloud gives you the best of both worlds. In addition to being better for your budget, you can also pick and choose the different aspects of each cloud option that works for your unique needs. Depending on how much data you have and whether or not it is highly sensitive, you can make decisions that work for you and the growth of your business.


    Migrating workloads to the cloud can dramatically improve growth and help discover the true potential of ones business. Cloud helps reduce physical IT infrastructure footprint and associated costs with it. Benefit from speed, economics, scalability and new technologies such as AI, Bigdata and Containers.

    Cloud-native applications

    If your business has a development and test team, it may want public cloud access to quickly spin up and use computing resources for short windows. This agility allows easy exploration without the expense of procuring private infrastructure. It also provides more freedom to innovate when the team knows resources can be spun up for development. Thus helping to build and grow with cloud-native applications. Run them anywhere, as needed, thanks to a common platform and tooling layer.

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