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Top Reasons To Hire a Cloud Consulting Firm

Even though cloud computing is relatively new in the world of technology, people have embraced it openly due to its benefits. Today, many depend on the cloud without knowing about its existence and the role it plays in their daily lives. Many businesses, both small and big, are now entirely based on IT systems and cloud for their functioning and success.  According to the RightScale 2019 State of the Cloud report from Flexera, 94% of their respondents use the cloud.  The rate of public cloud adoption is 91% whereas that of Private cloud adoption is 72%

Are you planning to shift to the cloud too? But, before you start your transformation, ensure that the process will be smooth, which is the biggest challenge faced by many. There are two ways you can simplify and secure the process. You can do so by either hiring an in-house team or a cloud consulting agency. 

While the first option will be costlier, the second one is financially pragmatic. Hiring an experienced cloud consulting agency will give you the knowledge and expertise in IT to carry on the transformation without having to engage them full-time. Given below are some of the top reasons supporting the same :

Cost reduction

Being professionals, cloud consulting agencies will be aware of the complex process and features that are a part of the migration. This is an advantage as your team would not have had the opportunity to acquire the practical knowledge needed to complete the migration in real life. They can also train your team to become experts in managing cost reduction and billing. Moreover, approaching a cloud consulting agency is more advantageous during technical malfunctioning as they are familiar with such issues and cost less.

Busy IT

The in-house IT teams of both, well-established and small businesses, will already have a lot on their plate. Monitoring and managing business migrations to the cloud will add more to their work and might burden them, which will naturally lead them to overstress or missing out on important details. You have nothing to worry about the transition if you hire a consultant.

Better skilled

Cloud is a new technology and cloud consulting agencies have done their research and study on it. The migration process needs expert guidance and in-depth knowledge. Your internal team, who are more competent in core IT and some fields, might not be as adroit as professional service agencies who have both experience and knowledge about cloud infrastructure, engineering, and planning. Your team of IT professionals might not be able to provide work of the same value. By hiring a cloud consulting agency, you not only save time, but also resources, and have a guarantee for the quality of their work. 

Less downtime

Migrating to cloud from a traditional server is easy theoretically. The team handling the process should be adept enough to complete it without affecting the business continuity and in the least amount of time. Businesses understand the importance of having less downtime as customer satisfaction and quality of service will be affected during downtime. The buzzing office environment changes because of work being delayed as no one can access emails, documents, communication tools, etc on time. A cloud consult can help you plan the best way to face this.

Quick deployment

One of the benefits of cloud migration is faster deployment but it might be difficult without the help of an expert. A cloud consulting agency will have the knowledge to carry out the process smoothly and quickly prevent any discomfort to your customers. But, for faster deployment, you will need a cloud consultant who can plan, set deadlines and handle issues that might delay the process quickly. Without one, deployment in the cloud might take as long as it takes in on-premise servers. 

Cloud migration

Cloud migration involves cloud which is highly scalable and traditional servers which are unscalable. This demands that the team handling the migration to be adroit in engineering and architecture of both cloud and servers. Only a professional team with experience handling migration can carry out the process without any loss and delay, which an internal team might lack as due to less exposure to the field. 

Cloud platform management

Once the transformation is complete, you will still have to deal with many factors like the salary of employees and monitoring cloud performance, which an amateur will take more time to do. On the other hand, a professional will deal with it easily and quickly, reducing the overall expenditure as you will only need to pay for computing and storage. They will monitor and optimize your investment to avoid overutilization and maximize profit.

Privacy and security

One of the main concerns surrounding cloud computing is regarding how secure it is. Any compromise on the data of a firm can affect its business and most importantly, the trust its customers have on it. Hacking and attacks on cloud infrastructure can affect many customers simultaneously. This can be avoided with the assistance of a cloud consultant who can manage your cloud data by taking appropriate precautions like firewalls, permissions, encrypting sensitive data or claims based on security.


The above reasons leave no room to argue about whether hiring a cloud consulting agency is worthy. All you have to consider is which agency to contact. But, there are several factors you have to consider before choosing someone to lead and guide your cloud migration. 

We, at Redington, have years of experience in helping businesses from all around the world set up their base in the cloud. Our proficiency and skill to manage even complicated operations helped us create a reputation in the industry. Get in touch with us to know more about our services and how we can help you start your seamless cloud digital transformation journey with ease.

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