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Unleash the Potential of Cloud Modernization via Containerization with AWS & Redington

Author: Varunesh Mathur, Kaushik Kanchan, Tushar Mehrotra, Rohit Pandey

Introduction: In today’s rapidly evolving digital world, organizations need to update and modernize their applications to stay competitive and meet customer demands effectively. At Redington, we offer various ways to help turn traditional applications into cloud-native, scalable, and efficient solutions. One of these ways is to leverage the power of Containerization, which empowers the organizations to make the most of container technology to update their cloud applications.

Our goal is to be a trusted partner and supporter on our customer’s modernization journey. We’re dedicated to helping organizations succeed in the digital age by using the latest technologies and the best solutions available. With our knowledge, creativity, and focus on customers, we aim to provide great value, enabling our customers to grow, be flexible, and succeed in a rapidly changing digital world.

How Containerization Helps Organizations:

Moving to Containerized environment is a transformation pathway that offers significant benefits to organizations looking to modernize their applications and infrastructure. By embracing containerization, organizations can leverage the power of lightweight, portable containers to enhance their application development, deployment, and management processes. Here’s how Containerization can helps organizations:

Cloud Modernization, Containerization, AWS


Common Case Studies: Here are few common case studies & benefits where enterprise customer can leverage containerization to modernize their applications.

Hybrid Cloud, DevSecOps, Mordernization, Disaster Recovery & high Availability

  • Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Deployments: By seamlessly blending on-premises infrastructure with AWS and other Cloud Service Providers (CSP), companies can optimize performance & reliability. Critical workloads can be strategically distributed, ensuring resource efficiency & mitigating vendor lock-in. Leveraging Kubernetes orchestration, they seamlessly managed containers across clouds, enhancing agility. This approach enabled them to scale during peak shopping seasons, harnessing AWS for elasticity and other CSP for specialized services.

Outcome: A resilient, cost-effective infrastructure that marries the strengths of different clouds, powering uninterrupted customer experiences & driving growth.

  • Microservices: Organizations revamp their monolithic application with Microservices. Dividing functionalities into modular services allows rapid development, individual scaling, and hassle-free maintenance. Docker containers ensures consistent deployments across environments. Kubernetes orchestration enables seamless management, while API Gateway streamline interactions. This transformation boost agility, reduce downtime, and accelerate feature releases. Customer engagement improves as it makes the platform responsive & scalable.

Outcome: Enterprises achieve market leadership, offers a dynamic, user-centric experience powered by Microservices architecture.

  • Disaster Recovery and High Availability: FinTech companies aims to fortify their financial platform using AWS’s ECS for Disaster Recovery and High Availability. Replication of critical services across multiple Availability Zones and ECS’s auto-scaling maintains performance during spikes. Load balancers seamlessly distributed traffic. In an unforeseen outage, the ECS managed containers can swiftly transition, ensuring continuous service.

Outcome: The setup enables companies to meet stringent industry regulations and helps to retain Investor’s confidence due to uninterrupted transactions. This solution helps the FinTech organizations to emerge as a reliable financial partner, showcasing the power of ECS for disaster recovery and maintaining high availability, even under duress.

  • Video Streaming and Delivery: Media companies now days have such huge video data which needs to be streamed across users globally which can be achieved through AWS’s robust video streaming solutions. By leveraging Amazon ECS, streaming services can be packaged into Docker containers for easy deployment. EC2 instances can host scalable microservices while Amazon CloudFront can help in delivering content globally. AWS Elemental MediaPackage ensure adaptive streaming and AWS Fargate can manage orchestration without manual intervention. With Amazon CloudWatch, performance monitoring can be done in real time.

Outcome: During massive live events, organizations can effortlessly handle traffic spikes. Viewers can enjoy uninterrupted streaming, and advertisers can reach a wider audience.

  • E-Commerce Platforms: E-Commerce platform constantly sees traffic spike due to millions of users accessing the platform on daily basis because which organizations needs to have a solution which is scalable, fault tolerant and highly available. Using Amazon ECS, services in Docker containers can be encapsulated for consistent deployment. Fargate can manage orchestration and scaling. EC2 instances hosted microservices can handle catalog, cart, & payment along with AWS RDS managed databases and Amazon S3 for storing assets. With CloudFront, global content delivery can be achieved.

Outcome: During peak shopping seasons, auto-scaling ensures smooth performance and shoppers gets a seamless experience on any device. E-Commerce based organizations establish itself as a trusted e-commerce destination, providing reliable services and flexible scaling powered by AWS’s containerization solutions.

  • DevOps and CI/CD Pipelines: Enterprise companies wants to adapt DevOps Practice to improve their process lifecycle. AWS CodePipeline can automate CI/CD, trigger builds on every code commit. Fargate ensures seamless scaling and resource efficiency and CloudWatch can monitor application’s health in real time. During a major update, the containerized architecture facilitates rolling deployments, minimizing downtime.

Outcome: Achieves rapid iterations, reducing release cycles with streamlined, automated process enhancing team collaboration. Organization emerges as an innovative force, offering robust software solutions powered by AWS’s containerization, promoting efficient DevOps and CI/CD practices. 

Blueprint for Containerized Architecture :This architecture serves as a guiding framework tailored for dynamic and static web applications. It encompasses microservices that necessitate deployment within a managed container platform, underpinned by a robust CI/CD pipeline. Each microservice operates independently, enabling efficient scaling

Mordernisation, Containerization, AWS

The deployment leverages the power of Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), where a multitude of microservices seamlessly coexist. To augment this ecosystem, AWS services such as Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), Amazon ElastiCache for caching, CloudFront for CDN and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for object storage are at your disposal.AWS CloudWatch, CloudTrail, AWS X-RAY is for monitoring the cluster & application and Amazon KMS & AWS Secret Manager is for managing & storing keys and passwords.

For streamlined access, Amazon Route 53 orchestrates incoming requests to the Elastic Load Balancer, which gracefully fronts your application residing within the EKS cluster.

Few Essential Factors to Keep in Mind When Designing a Containerized Architecture/Solution

 Few Essential Factors to Keep in Mind When Designing a Containerized Architecture/Solution

How Redington can help Organizations

Customer Centric Mordernisation Approach


As organizations embark on their cloud application modernization journey, our company stands ready to be your trusted guide. Through our deep expertise in Containers and customer-centric focus, we empower organizations to embrace the full power of AWS and thrive in the dynamic digital landscape. Let us join hands to accelerate your modernization transformation and unlock a future of scalable, efficient, and innovative cloud applications. Get in touch with us today and take the first step towards a successful modernization future.

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