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The Future with Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is going through a number of changes which have led to many innovations that offer cloud users with easier and better modus operandi. The significant growth and adoption rate of cloud which it is experiencing is also because of the ever-expanding market.

LogicMonitor has recently published in one of their surveys that digital transformation is the key factor driving public cloud engagement. The survey has also forecasted that 41% of all firm’s workloads will run on public cloud platforms.

According to Gartner, the public cloud market worldwide is expected to grow 17.3% reaching around $206.2 billion in 2019. Big and small enterprises, both alike irrespective of their strength, have contributed to this growth immensely when they began their journey of digital transformation. Moreover, cloud has also become the heart of IT enterprises integrating a host of capabilities. It was found out that nearly 83 percent of enterprises will rely on some platform of cloud, be it public, private or hybrid.

As reported by the IDG 2018 Cloud Computing Survey, cloud investments are accelerating with 73% organizations already shifting their mission-critical workloads and computing infrastructure entirely into the public cloud and another 17% of companies planning to migrate to public cloud platforms by the end of the year. It is evident that cloud computing is here to change the computing altogether. Let us put down some facts and forecasts to see what might become of cloud computing in the future?

Hybrid and Multi Cloud Solutions will dominate the Enterprise

With a hybrid cloud, the company can migrate their resources into the platform easily, safely and at lesser cost. It offers the best of the public and private cloud, which ultimately gives them seamless interoperability between different platforms.

Multi-cloud environments are relatively new in the field of computing. Enterprises are also relying on the services provided by multi-vendor cloud environments like AWS, Azure, IBM cloud and Oracle cloud. As stated in RightScale 2018, multi-cloud is the most preferred strategy with 81% of the firms adopting it to run their business and operations.

However, multi-cloud strategy outgrew hybrid cloud solutions. With the continued shift of workloads into the cloud, a multi-cloud environment comprising of a blend of on-premise computing and different vendors might become the norm for most enterprises in 2019.

Cloud Solutions and Services will flourish

Studies conducted by market research firms and technology critics have reported that there will be an outflow of cloud solutions and services like SaaS, IaaS and PaaS in 2019. These are some reports and forecasts by Gartner-

  • IaaS is the fastest growing segment with a projected growth of 27.6 % to attain $39.5 billion.
  • SaaS is the largest segment of the cloud with a 17.8 % growth to reach $85.1 billion.
  • BPaaS or business process as a service will achieve about 7.9 % or $50.3 billion revenue growth.

These reports and forecasts clearly indicate a positive growth of cloud solutions and services that will redefine enterprise cloud computing in 2019.

Cloud will be more secure with GDPR

Security is one of the major concerns of companies relying on public cloud platforms. With new innovations like GDPR which secures cloud data, organizations will have to shift their existing processes and wrap tight security measures to protect them from vulnerabilities. The cloud has its own limitations when it comes to security.


A single breach into a cloud data center can compromise sensitive data of countless organizations that can cause them enormous loss. Although mainstream cloud vendors do incorporate enterprise-grade security protocols into their cloud platforms, it is up to the company to assure that they are satisfied with the GDPR guidelines before deploying it in their organization.

Quantum computing

The dream of developing a fully-fledged quantum computer is almost achieved. Technology behemoths have already invested considerable time and energy in the process with some remarkable developments. Quantum computing is proposed as the next big thing that will change computing and we may expect it to really take a momentous leap in 2019. The potential for quantum computing in the cloud can benefit enterprises in several ways. If cloud providers can integrate the capabilities of quantum computing into the cloud, it can lead to solving of challenges and models that optimize processes and operations.

Enterprises have never come this close to the computing power that they need at their convenience before cloud computing. That is one reason why the cloud was such a disruptive technology when it was first introduced. In the beginning the cloud was just a platform to store and process data. But now, the cloud is much more than a server platform as it comes inbuilt with an array of capabilities like machine learning, data analytics, IoT compatibility, and database services.

As mentioned before, innovations are pouring in cloud computing due to which it is edging closer to being the ideal computing platform. As covered above, the trends and forecasts clearly hint at the cloud becoming more powerful yet increasingly accessible in 2019. There is a huge market space for the cloud, which has created a healthy competitive space for different cloud vendors who offer a mixture of services intended for the enterprise. The foretold trends indicate that CIOs and business owners should embrace these new changes by wrapping their existing modes and using the new resources that are better.


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