Earlier websites were hosted in traditional servers that were kept in data-centers. Whether it was a server that was shared between numerous accounts, or a single machine dedicated to nothing but hosting your site, the overall principle is the same. Recently, a new invention has promised more. The hosting server here is virtual and is called ‘cloud’.

In cloud hosting, all your website details are in different servers which are in different places and these servers are interconnected. The hosting server which is virtual has access over all servers across the cloud.

We are aware that cloud has overpowered traditional server hosting. Why are firms opting to take up cloud? Obviously because its features are more beneficial to firms.

Here we are going to discuss some reasons why cloud is growing and the features that have entitled it to become the best. They are-

  • Scalability

As we all know, that a server can store only definite amount of data. Enterprises bought servers depending on the amount of data they had to store. When these enterprises grow their servers would be full and new servers have to be bought. Whereas in cloud, enterprises have access to multiple servers to store data in case your requirements grow over a period of time. This also allows for the flexibility to scale up quickly to deal with unexpected traffic surges.

  • Better performance

From the above mentioned point, we know that the data is distributed across many servers in cloud. As the capacity increases, the data availability to customers increase. It also allows us to balance load across multiple servers. For the reasons mentioned above that cloud hosting offers greater scalability, it also offers better performance. Unlike in traditional servers, where delay of obtaining data would occur when encountered with high traffic. Cloud is obviously a relief to firms with a huge customer base.


  • Cost efficient 

One of the most enthralling features of cloud hosting is that it is way less expensive than traditional server setup. You can relax as you do not have to buy, house or maintain large servers, which would reduce capital expenditure. Moreover, you pay only for what you use in cloud even if you scale up or down. 

  • Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery is a burden in traditional server setup where the retrieval of data is usually slow as it recovers booting up a physical server. This can cause in break in service provided to customers and sometimes might lead to breakdown of the website too. However, the story is different in case of cloud recovery where Recovery Point Objective (RTO) is less and recovery is easier. Moreover, unlike cloud, a backup server will need a huge capital to set up and guard it.

  • Flexibility

Cloud allows your employees to access data from everywhere. They can acquire files using devices like laptop, smart phone and tablet via internet. This gives them the facility to upload and download files over the internet which enhances both internal and external collaboration. In this way, cloud enables staff flexibility inside and outside office.

  • Speed

A delay is caused in traditional server hosting depending on how far the user is from the server. However, SSD cloud hosting enables you to enjoy computing resources from a network of sources. With SSD cloud hosting, your web-page will get loaded much faster. You can also host your site from multiple servers acting as a single unit.

  • High productivity

Typical server demands IT staff especially for its maintenance, set up and configuration. This adds to its initial housing and server cost. With the advent of cloud, firms can now use these staffs to perform other work which will be more productive.

  • Instantaneous resource allocation

With new inventions hitting the market every week, it is not unusual to ask for new services to be installed in your server. The procedure of installation and running of the service will take even days when you have an in-house server. On the contrary, the same features can be availed in cloud as they are preinstalled on servers of cloud around the world. The users can upscale and downscale them according to the traffic they experience.


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