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Do you believe in these myths about cloud storage?

Despite the rising use of cloud storage, there are myths surrounding its features and security that are hindering innovation. Such myths are making capable firms think twice about investing in cloud storage and backup, even though it suits their business well. Here are the top 8 myths about cloud storage and backup that you have to be aware of-

1. Cloud is not secure
Cloud storage and backup is perceived to be less safe. Companies use high end services and tools to prevent and face any kind of threat. In fact, there have been very few security breaches in cloud when compared to on premise storage. Especially since security is the bedrock of cloud, it can be assured that your data is safe.

2. It’s expensive
Cloud storage is the cheapest storage facility you can find. Unlike, on premise or any other storage facilities, cloud is charged based on the volume you use. Traditional backup consisting of on premise server and degradable magnetic tapes cost a lot for maintenance alone. In fact, you will not have to deal with software installation, redundancy hardware, tape wires and tape libraries, archival and retrieval of software etc. Besides, cloud runs on pay-as-you-go subscription model which asks you to pay only for the services that you are interested in. Hence, it is evident that cloud is a lot cheaper than on premise backup and storage.


3. Takes ages to get back

There are many saying that accessing backup data from cloud is difficult. Whereas the truth is that it will depend on the volume of data you want to transfer or download. Many providers have a search function which lets you go through your backup stack and pick the files you need. By doing so, you can still continue working and retrieve the rest later.

4. File sync is backup
People believe that synching file is the same as backing up. File synch is expensive and hard to implement. Files need to be made available across all devices you connect, security is of utmost importance, and local encryption is a difficult business, making it still a doubtful option.

5. It is difficult to use
People say it is strenuous or time consuming to retrieve data from a cloud provider. Speed is an integral part of cloud. As customers can be satisfied with quicker access to data, a seamless transmission of data ensures that cloud customers continue to see their monthly costs as money well spent.

6.Cloud is just for large enterprise businesses
Hackers do not differentiate between small, medium or large enterprises. They value data which all the three treasure. Thus, a lax security system even in small and medium firms can lead to the firm becoming a victim of ransomware. Cloud backups ensure data is safely stored, regardless of the size of the business. It is important to recognize the genuineness of what you hear and read. If not you might give up on opportunities to enjoy the services provided by worthy tools and lose chances that could profit you later.

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