Why choose cloud over on-premises for your Backup & storage? 

On premise storage is the storage of data in local servers, computers or other devices. With the advent of new innovations like cloud and its advantages overweighing that of any other storage options, many have transferred their business data to from on premise to cloud. The use of cloud has been increasing quickly in the past few years. There are many reasons why enterprises today prefer cloud over on premise storage. Here are some reasons why cloud is a better storage option than on premise –

  • On premise storage is expensive. In fact, it is not only the server that is costly. There are several other costs pertaining to its ownership including licensing cost for desired features, ongoing hardware/software maintenance, electricity and personnel to manage the system. The life of a server, like a laptop, is not finite. Besides, most companies spend a lot on SANs and depreciate them over years.  On the other hand, cloud is not costly when compared to on premise storage. The amount it costs you will depend mainly on the volume you have used. Moreover, you have the opportunity of spreading your data across different zones, adding fault tolerance which is not practical or affordable in on premise storage.
  • With the availability of smartphones, laptops, tablets and internet at our fingertips, we have started storing and sharing data with these devices. On premise storage limits you to backing up computers, whereas cloud storage allows you to back up files stored on any internet connected device. In fact, it also enables to access those files from any web browser proving that cloud gives you more accessibility and flexibility.


  • Servers require constant maintenance and this demands a large IT staff to be employed to manage making it more costly. However, unlike on premise, cloud saves a lot of money since their servers are under the control of third party providers.
  • For business to progress well, it is necessary for the employees to collaborate and communicate with their coworkers located around the world. It is especially useful when they have to work on the same project or with the same client. In such situations, cloud-based tools make working together and document management from far easy. This feature is not offered in on premise storage.

  • Another reason why cloud is better than on premise storage is due to its advantage of being unaffected during natural disasters. Unlike on premise servers which have to be shut down during disasters, cloud will function without disruptions. Even if one area is affected, your operations don’t have to suffer and data remains accessible no matter.

Just as every business is different so are their needs to grow. Hence, it is important to consider your organization’s short- and long-term requirements to choose the data storage option that suits it the best.

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