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Start Considering an Enterprise Backup Solution That is Cloud-Ready

It is commonly accepted that a data stored in a server, irrespective of the server’s nature, will face danger soon or later. In fact, data is vulnerable. Human error, machine error, virus attack, hacking and natural disasters can cause the server to lose data, in the worst case scenario, even misused. Prevention is always better than cure.  Thus, why not have a backup for your data?

Below are eight reasons why you should always have a backup for your cloud based enterprise-

  • Less expensive

Traditionally, the backup servers had to be manually inserted and operated to recover and save data. But now with the advent of cloud, we can use cloud archiving concepts and retrieve information. In fact, unlike the classic system, the user needs to pay depending on the volume used. Moreover, cloud based backup always enables seamless storage tiering in recover, refresh and storage scenarios.

  • Fully Scalable

Enterprise cloud backup assures that no matter how large your firms grows, it will be able to store your data safely. On the other hand, old backup solutions cannot guarantee this.

  • High Availability

There are situations where the infrastructure of the firm is compromised. It is the responsibility of the firm to make sure its customers do not suffer due to unavailability of data. This problem can be overcome smartly with cloud backup, where the enterprise backup can also function as a self-service archive with end user access that is safe and readily available to your employees.


  • High recovery speed

One of the most important and attractive features of an enterprise backup is how easily and quickly files can be retrieved from it. It is also a concern whether files can be downloaded individually as per need. Thus, it is crucial to enquire about the features a backup provides and to ensure it fits your business. Cloud recovery is faster as it does not need a physical transport to the off-site location, disk handling or seek time.

  • Store data safely

The right enterprise backup will support complete encryption of data. The data will be encrypted before transmission and the data that reaches the server will also be encrypted. This is mainly useful in case of ransomware, where they are aware of backups and encrypted data ensures safety.

  • High productivity

IT professionals will not have to spend time on backup or recovery when you have cloud backup. An enterprise backup grows with business and with a third party handling all the recovery and upgrades, your IT employees will be available for more productive work.

  • Protect data in any device

Now a days, important documents and data are stored in personal laptops, tablets and smartphones. It is mandatory to have these data backed up in a central repository in case one of these devices is lost or stolen. Moreover, you can remove all these data from the device with remove data feature if they are stolen and are concerned about sensitive data falling into wrong hands.

  • Protection for cloud borne data

SaaS based applications are used by firms now as it saves money and deployment of services is easy. On-site backup solutions cannot be used to store cloud borne data. Thus, it is important to have a cloud based enterprise solution to save, backup and recover these data in case of user deletions.

It is crucial that a firm has a backup for its data. It has been proven that a cloud backup is better than the traditional backup system.  Those who have received this new innovation with open hands are happy and growing.


Even though cloud is relatively new, it is constantly fulfilling major needs and demands of firms. I am certain that you know how Cloud enablement needs specialized skills and we can help you with that. We at cloud business group of Redington (India) Limited, a leader in the information technology industry, help customers transform by adopting cloud seamlessly, manage infrastructure, optimize cost and implement security best practices. Furthermore, we have tie-ups with some of the leading cloud brands and can help your business overcome key business and technical challenges, open up new streams of revenue and win the cloud race like a king!

Talk to our cloud experts now to revitalize your business with the amazing benefits cloud has to offer.

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