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Overcoming Issues Organizations Face with the Hybrid Data storage Model

Redington Software-Defined Storage solution on AWS cloud

With the advancement of cloud technology and storage systems becoming increasingly
complicated, a desperate need for better data storage architecture arises. Amongst all the benefits of cloud technology, data storage is the most widely used service. However, cloud data storage can be tricky and complex.

Enterprises using a hybrid heterogeneous data storage model face many challenges that hinder achieving better performance. In a hybrid storage model, data tends to be stored in various formats and is spread across different databases, thus impairing the performance.

In this blog post, we will walk you through our software-defined storage solution in a hybrid cloud model that addresses these issues.

The challenges:
Let us first list the various challenges our enterprise customers generally face in a hybrid
storage model.

    1. Centralized data management
    2. Data consistency
    3. Data replication
    4. Storage cost

Solution overview:

The above-specified challenges can be overcome by IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud SDS to build hybrid and multi-cloud storage solutions along with Redington AWS cloud team expertise. You can replicate or migrate heterogeneous storage systems between on-prem and AWS cloud vice versa for data mobility, disaster recovery, centralized storage management, and storage optimization by enabling compression, deduplication, thin provisioning.

SDS Spectrum virtualize for the public Cloud addresses the customers challenges by
enabling storage layer integration in the hybrid cloud approach between on-premises and
AWS Cloud.

Some of the use cases Redington cloud team can help the customer in archiving by deploying IBM cloud spectrum virtualizes for AWS public cloud are:

1. Centralized storage management for cloud and on-perm.

2. Reducing block storage cost by compression, deduplication, thin provisioning.

3. Data consistency between on-premises and cloud.

4. Replicating different heterogeneous storage systems between on-premises environments and AWS public cloud or vice versa.

5. Data redundancy.

6. Disaster recovery and backup.

The Architecture:


Spectrum virtualizes public Cloud (SVPC) SW can be deployed in AWS cloud by AWS marketplace subscription with the Redington AWS cloud team’s help. Once the subscription is activated by BYOL license for SVPC from IBM, using Cloudformation template all the components and services required for deployment of SVPC in AWS will be Provisioned and configured as per the below reference architecture by Redington Cloud team.

Fig: Two nodes spectrum virtualize for Pubic Cloud on selected Ec2 instance

UI and accessibility:

By using a bastion host (Quarom node) IP with port 8443, we can access the SVPC dashboard;


  • Cost Optimization – Using an SVPC, we can create a storage pool of different backend EBS volume types such as gp2. Because of this pooling, we can assign volume on demand to the instance. Also, compression, de-duplication, and thin provisioning will reduce the overall TCO without affecting the performance
  • Ease of accessibility- SVPC provides a centralized user interface for complete operational tasks such as storage configuration, management, and other operational activities that need to be performed on the storage layer via SVPC
  • Manages tiered storage – Using SVPC, we can enable tiers of storage pools and volumes which will help to balance the infrastructure needs. Also, the data can be placed to the right set of storage tiers automatically with the help of SVPC policies.
  • Hybrid support – SVPC supports almost 400 different storage devices which can be virtualized. Also, it supports AWS public cloud because of this we can set up a seamless integration between SVPC’s, where it is going to be a single point of control for setting up the backup, replication (synchronized/asynchronized), and BCDR solution.


Redington Software-Defined Storage solution on AWS cloud utilizes a heterogeneity aware software framework for the management of data storage and organization in a hybrid storage model. Hence our cloud team can help customers in implementing a hybrid storage solution in a short period of time and reduce the TCO of customers to almost 30% on storage spending in the AWS cloud.

Redington can help mitigate the challenges of any data storage model. Our solution allows proper data allocation and improves performance for customers in a cost-efficient manner. Get in touch with us to know more about our services and how we can help you.

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