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How to efficiently store data in the cloud?

The evolution of cloud computing has made more organizations realize the benefits and there is a steady increase of cloud adoption among organizations. With the increase in cloud adoption, the need to collect, store and analyze data is becoming more crucial to organizations.

Organizations need tools and systems to easily and efficiently handle large volumes of data. Microsoft continues to help develop and refine the cloud with tools that reduce the cost of data storage, improve storage options, and simplify the process of analyzing all information.

Scalable storage to optimize costs:

Huge volumes of data are moved to cloud. Not all the data in cloud need to be instantly accessible. Data like monthly backup and financial records are mainly for archival purpose and doesn’t require the same level of access like the heavy traffic day-to-day operations data.

This rarely accessed data should not drive up storage costs. Microsoft Azure’s Archive Tier through Azure Archive Blob Storage can help mitigate these costs.  Storage tiers help organizations to store data in multiple tiers based on how often the data is accessed. This gives them a more flexible and a cost-effective way to manage data in cloud

Extend the reach of data analysis

Data analysis forms an integral part of a cost-effective cloud storage solution. Organizations must have the ability to collect and analyze the data that closely related to their business and business goals. Microsoft now offers a solution template within Power BI that allows organizations to pull data from communities and measure it using advanced tools. This way, they can gauge their brand’s performance and discover more opportunities for growth.

An effective cloud-based data management is letting organizations keep up with the increasing demands for more information while significantly reducing costs of cloud data storage and valuable data analysis. To explore even more ways to cost-effectively store your data in Microsoft Azure Cloud storage feel free to reach out to us.

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