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Types of Azure Cloud Storage

Keeping business critical information safe is very crucial to any organization’s sustenance and business continuity. In the age of increasing cyber-attacks and un-predictable disasters, finding ways to keep data as safe and secure is an important business strategy. Cloud security and information protection in the cloud are the utmost concerns for decision makers before making their move to cloud

Microsoft Azure Storage provides a highly scalable cloud data storage service that is easy to use and is long-lasting. Azure Cloud Storage offers a pay-as-you-go payment model that lets users pay only for the storage space used and scale up / down as the requirement changes. With the infrastructure cost and other capital expenses mitigated, it is also a cost effective backup option when compared to a disk backup model.

The simple and secure cloud storage service offers the following three different kinds of storage for different organizational requirements: Blob Storage, File Storage and Queue Storage.

Blob Storage

Blob storage is similar to a how files are stored in a computer. Blob files acts like folders for the data and makes it easier to share the data securely using a URL or web address. There are three different sizes and types, holding up to 8TB and the data can easily be uploaded, downloaded or exported as data sets using them.

File Storage

For organizations, files need to be in different formats and readily available for usage. File Storage option can be used to transfer files with additional security. Files can be accessed anywhere using a URL Link. In addition to it, a shared access signature token lets access to users for a specific period of time. It’s easy to migrate data and configure files and bring in multiple developers so everyone can access the same file and use the same version with File Storage.

Queue Storage

No business can run without transfer of messages. It is the part and parcel of any business. It is also an important way off using and sharing data. Queue Storage is used to store and receive list of messages. This helps reduce processing time and offers more control over storage.

Managing and storing customers’ data safely and securely is an increasingly important part of business activity. Being able to use secure sites and manage access using a platform like Azure enables an easier way to manage data. The files and data are secured with encryption. Client libraries can also be used to store data for clients and ensure it is encrypted as its sent to and fro. Encryption in transit is a vital element of Azure, making it easier to share data for business, but ensure its safe and secure while doing so.

Flexibility and availability are key, allowing organizations to adopt a system that best suits their needs. Whether it’s making it easier for their own customers, or a way in which the public can access files safely or make it easier to upload files, Microsoft Azure provides a simple, secure and highly available cloud based data storage platform. With ‘Cloud Simplified’ as our mantra and with the vast Cloud Expertise, we at Redington Cloud Solutions, help you choose the best Azure Cloud Storage option!

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