The customer is an Austria-based Microsoft partner. It specializes
in process automation and app integration, with demonstrable
capabilities in support, operations, and SLA, among others.
It wanted to migrate resources from Visual Studio Enterprise, i.e.,
from Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) to Cloud Service Provider (CSP) subscription.
It approached Redington for expert advice.



The customer’s entire infra/resource details pertaining to MPN subscription were captured using Spotlight’s top-of-the-line scanning services. Spotlight offered the customer incisive and meaningful insights into their environment to chart out the course for transition. Spotlight also helped them alter their resources before migration.

All Round Benefit:


The partner used Spotlight to deliver Cloud assessment services. The partner scanned and assessed the customer’s environment and generated detailed reports. The reports on migration feasibilities for the datacenter and its servers were shared with the customer.

By using Spotlight, the partner helped the customer to analyze their infra/resources and formulate an optimum strategy.

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