Learn how Gleneagles Global Hospitals
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their highly unorganized data on cloud.


Global hospital’s Inventory data of the pharmaceuticals have been maintained in-house and the data was highly unorganized, the hospital required this data to be stored in cloud with multiple redundant copies and for minimum 10 years. To comply with organization data protection and retention policy the data has to be organized in proper structure to maintain and retrieve them as and when required. We have AMI backup and snapshot backup for the production App and DB server with every 2 hours retention period and DB dump backup has been stored in AWS S3.

The access to the data should also be confined to users from purchase and pharmacy team, similarly the financial data backup of the hospital was maintained in-house and has faced huge challenge in order to maintain the tape backups and retrieve the data. Global hospital had huge concern with security and also wanted to achieve this at a low cost.

The Hospital decided to move their HIS application to cloud and wanted the application logs to be stored in low cost-effective storage, the applications DB data was also stored in low cost storage in a different country to achieve multiple level of redundancy.


Redington Carried out a thorough assessment of KIMS on-premises datacenter, studied the environment clearly and a detailed inventory list was prepared by having the following parameters in the infrastructure:

By migrating the on premises data to AWS S3 Storage, and using the Lifecycle policy the data is moved to low cost storage Glacier, with same availability and durability of S3.

The data at rest are encrypted in S3 using KMS, and the data in transit are secured through the HTTPS requests.

Continuously monitored the AWs S3 Storage using AWS CloudWatch metrics, AWS CloudTrail is used to collect the logs of the AWS Environment for the audit and HIPPA and Organizational compliance.

Using automation logs of the Database was frequently sent to the AWS S3 storage. Cross region replication was enabled for the Database log to maintain the records in the different region and to achieve multiple level of redundancy.

The on-premises environment had no backup and DR strategy in place. On AWS, the Redington Team had configured automatic scripts to create snapshots of every volume and store them in Amazon simple storage service for the nightly backups of data.

10 TB of archival data present in the on-premises SAN storage needs to be backed up to Amazon S3. For backup of this data, cloudberry tool was used to back up to Amazon S3 frequently. Using the Amazon S3 lifecycle policies, the data was moved to glacier to optimize the cost of the storage.



Redington followed AWS well architected framework to achieve the most secured and cost effective environment.

Global hospital achieved 40 per cent less cost compared to existing on premises environment. Huge amount of operational and management tasks have reduced by using automation and inbuilt management and governance Services in AWS.

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