AWS Resilience Hub

The goal of building resilience is to minimize the impact of failures and disruptions, allowing the system to continue operating or quickly recover to a fully functional state. Resilient architectures are designed to handle failures in individual components, network issues, hardware failures, natural disasters, and other unforeseen events.

Why is Resiliency required?

Overall, resiliency is essential for organizations to maintain operational efficiency, meet customer expectations, protect data, mitigate risks, and stay competitive in today's dynamic and interconnected business environment. It provides a solid foundation for business continuity, growth, and the ability to withstand and recover from unexpected challenges.

Key aspects and principles of resiliency include

By implementing resiliency measures, organizations can minimize the impact of failures, reduce downtime, ensure business continuity, and provide a better experience for their users or customers. AWS offers a wide range of services and tools to help design, build, and operate resilient architectures in the cloud, enabling organizations to achieve high availability, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery capabilities.

Solution Overview

AWS Resilience Hub is a service that provides a centralized location for managing and monitoring the resilience of your applications across multiple AWS accounts and regions. It allows you to define and track resilience goals, monitor the overall health of your applications, and gain insights into the impact of failures on your workloads.


This architecture includes Elastic load balancing only for a single Amazon EC2 instance. This performs health checks against Amazon EC2 instance. This Autoscaling group improves efficient resiliency by replacing another EC2 instance if it detects any failure.

Key features and benefits of the AWS Resilience include:

Overall, the AWS Resilience Hub helps you manage and improve the resilience of your applications in a centralized and efficient manner. It provides valuable insights, automation, and monitoring capabilities to ensure your workloads can withstand failures and recover quickly in the event of disruptions.

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