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Simplify and accelerate secure data migrations

Although many organizations have officially gone cloud-native or out of their datacentres, there are still many AWS customers who have an on-premises footprint for compliance or just because they haven't migrated yet.


As the companies’ data footprint is growing in a rapid pace, storing data on-premises can be quite challenging. So here is some list of challenges faced by customers while using an on-premises storage:

Amazon provides a variety of tools and services available for these Hybrid Cloud customers, including AWS DataSync.

Solutions Overvies

The above-mentioned challenges can be mitigated using Amazon Simple Storage Services (Amazon S3) as the storage solution while using DataSync to migrate data from on-premises to S3. Now let’s delve into what AWS DataSync is how it can be utilized. It is an online data transfer service which can be used to transfer large data volumes between on-premises and AWS Cloud Storage by automating the data transfer process in a secure manner.
Some of the major use cases of DataSync are:

Data migration

It can rapidly migrate datasets from anywhere into AWS storage services over the network. It can migrate data from on-premises to AWS cloud or between AWS storage services. While migrating the data, it performs automatic encryption and ensure data integrity.

Data Archiving

It can transfer datasets from on-premises storage devices to cold, safe, long-term data storage in AWS cloud such as S3 Glacier storage classes. AWS S3 Glacier Storage options like S3 Glacier Flexible Retrieval and S3 Glacier Deep Archive can be used. Advantage of moving cold data to S3 can take the burden of on-premises disk, drive or server storage and saves up the additional on-premises IT infra cost.

Data protection

The data can be moved directly to S3 or between S3 storage services or can perform cross-account transfer. The Amazon EFS and FSx storage services can also be utilised. The data transfer can be performed in any of the preferred way based on the customer’s requirement in a secure manner.

Additionally, it can also be used to enable hybrid storage architectures by replicating data between on-premises storage and AWS storage services. This enables organizations to take advantage of the benefits of both on-premises and cloud storage, while maintaining data consistency and security. Huge datasets transfer and Data intensive tasks like graphics in media and gaming industry, deep learning, data analytics can also be carried out effortlessly.


Data Migration between on-premises storage and AWS

In this case, Amazon DataSync can be used as a transfer agent to move data from on-premises or any other self-managed storage device to AWS cloud storage services. Any size and kind of data can be transferred via AWS Transport Layer Security (TLS) from the source location, such as NFS or SMB server under the same AWS account as your DataSync agent, to a compatible AWS Storage Service. However, it is possible to transfer data to Amazon S3 bucket on a different account.


Data Migration between AWS storage services

This approach of data transfer shows how datasets can be transferred between AWS storage services on the same AWS account. As the following diagram represents a common use case wherein the data is copied from an AWS storage service to another AWS storage service using DataSync agent via TLS network. In case of transferring between AWS Storage services either in the same or different AWS Region, the data must remain in the AWS network and not the public internet.


Data Migration between cloud storage systems and AWS storage services

This Scenario where data can be transferred from other cloud storage systems by another cloud provider like GCP and Azure clouds or self-managed storage systems hosted by AWS to other AWS services.



Simple setup and management

It is easy to set up and manage with a user-friendly web interface and API. Organizations can create and manage data transfer tasks, monitor transfer progress, and view transfer metrics and logs in the AWS Management Console.

High speed data transfer

It uses a highly optimized data transfer protocol that can transfer data ten times faster than that of any open-source tools. This approach enables organizations to speed up migrations and data protection processes.

Secure data transfer

It uses TLS encryption and data encryption at rest to ensure the security of data in transit and at rest. It also supports customer-managed encryption keys, enabling organizations to maintain control over their data encryption keys.


It provides a cost-effective data transfer solution, with a pay-as-you-go pricing model and no upfront costs or commitments also saves up on maintenance cost.

Integration with AWS services

It integrates seamlessly with other AWS services, such as Amazon S3, Amazon EFS, and Amazon FSx for Windows File Server. This enables organizations to build complex data transfer and storage solutions that leverage the full power of the AWS cloud.

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