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SMART Overview

Drive Your Business Transition and
Acceleration to The AWS Cloud With Redington

Whether you are building a cloud practice or want to expand or accelerate your existing cloud business, making it more profitable, Redington is ideally placed to support you.

With an expansive line card and the right tools, support, and expertise, Redington removes the complexity so you can focus on delivering a better AWS cloud solution to your customers.

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Build Recurring Revenue

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Growth and Profitability

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Customer Acquisition Support

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End to End services support

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Self Service Online Platform

One stop shop for all your customers cloud needs

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Data Base

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Disaster Recovery

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Virtual Machine

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Backup Storage

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Big Data

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Ready to offer AWS Cloud solutions to your customers?

We’ll give you the all tools you needs to seamlessly
get your clients up and running.


We provide end to end cloud adoption and
managed cloud solutions

We possesses the necessary technical competency,
exposure, delivery experience, to help partners improve
the value chain migration & improve overall performance for your customers.

One platform to manage entire cloud business

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Manage all your customer accounts at one place

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Quick ordering via cloud marketplace

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Auto provision servers

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Cloud monitoring

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Detailed billing report

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Invoice management

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Online payment

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Track your business trends & growth

All the tools to help you sell more!

Identity as Cloud Solution Provider

Opp to address customers requirement end to end

Predictable Revenue

Maximum earning opportunity with innovative solutions packs

Shorter Sale Cycle

Quantitative and qualitative solutions on cloud with pre-configured services

Cloud Expertise

Get benefits of 35+ cloud experts

Peace of Mind

Managing customers infra 24*7 on partners behalf

Get Enabled

Sales and presales training to pitch perfect and offer better solutions

Digital Marketing Support

Standard communications & templates that is relevant to cloud

Access to Marketplace and Self Service Portal

Maximum potential and track your customers

Want to know more?

Work with a trusted cloud solutions provider dedicated to your success. Get the services and support you need to grow your managed services offering and add value to your customers.

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Let's Talk About Your Needs

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