Get seamless cloud service adoption with Azure & we slice off Rs.20,000 from your first bill.

Enhance your business in the digital arena with Microsoft Azure. 

Cloud services are being adopted by big enterprises and start-ups alike, thanks to the consumption based pay model. Experience countless benefits with Azure’s cloud solution.

Get assured with Azure

Easily scale up and down.

Pay only for what you use.

Focus on growing business and get to market faster

Enterprise grade data protection to safeguard your database.

Azure helps you move faster, do more and save money.

Tailored solutions for you

Take your first steps in the cloud space with tailored solutions. Azure provides a variety of solutions for every need in the IT spectrum, with the possibility to scale as you wish. Handpick solutions that best fits your business and gain better revenue.

Development & Testing environment
   Backup & Storage
    SQL on Azure

   Business Applications

   Disaster recovery

   Windows server

Seamless cloud service adoption

Certified Cloud Architect sets up a workflow plan that’s tailored for your business. The execution of the plan is carried over seamlessly, with minimal downtime. The server space is regularly monitored for any possible optimisation, which helps in improving its performance and security.

As an add-on, we provide you Virtual Network setup, VM provision and Firewall configuration completely free of cost.

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*Utilisation of the space should commence on or before 21st June.

**Free assessment includes a personal consultation with a certified Cloud Architect.


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