Security Intelligence Platform
(QRADAR Advisor with Watson)

Maintaining a continuous security posture and being compliant are the two main goals of the organisation to ensure business thrives irrespective of the size of the security team albeit 2 or 100; that means protecting critical systems, users, and data, detecting and responding to threats and ultimately staying ahead of cyber crime. But there are a number of serious challenges plaguing today’s SOC that may impede your ability to accomplish your goals.

Security has been top of mind for the Financial Institutes, as sophisticated cyber-attacks and a constantly changing threat landscape continue to plague financial institutions across the globe, it has become critical to enhance existing defensive capabilities, with improved monitoring and stronger preventive protocols to defend against sophisticated threats. Institutions need a solution to help security analysts to keep up to date on the endless amount of security data, including data generated from internal systems as well as threat intelligence, security research papers, security blogs, websites and other external sources of information required to analyze threats. With the digital transaction experience while being mindful of emerging security threats, cyber crime is becoming more organized and sophisticated, it is imperative to deploy highly adaptive prevention, detection and response capabilities based on proven technology.

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