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Whether you sell to the education and public sector, SMBs, mid-market, or large enterprises, we will all win with Redington and Google Cloud! col-large-12 Redington India resellers have the exclusive right to sell Google Workspace and Google Cloud Enterprise to all customers across India.

With an expansive line card and the right tools, support, and expertise, Redington removes the complexity so you can focus on delivering a better Google cloud solution to your customers.

What can you sell?

As an authorized Redington Google Cloud Reseller Partner, you can introduce your customers to Google's cloud groundbreaking solutions: Google Workspace, Google Cloud, and Google Cloud Enterprise.


From The CEO's Desk

As the exclusive Google Workspace and Google Cloud distributor in India, Redington is eager to open up huge new business opportunities for our trusted network of existing and new partners. Redington and Google's Strategic Distribution Agreement (SDA) is a win-win-win-win for all of us.”.

Ramesh Natarajan, CEO, Redington Limited

With AI becoming a driving force in today's work landscape, Google Workspace revolutionizes productivity by seamlessly integrating advanced AI capabilities. No matter where, when, or how you work, Google Workspace is here to revolutionize your productivity. With its seamless integration and user-friendly apps, it enables teams of all sizes to unleash their full potential. Say goodbye to clunky infrastructure and hello to intuitive, easy-to-use tools that adapt to your work style. Embrace the future of work with Google Workspace and experience a new level of collaboration, efficiency, and success. Get ready to uncover your team's full potential in the era of AI-driven excellence.

Teams need better tools to stay engaged and focus on word that matter


of global knowledge workers will work hybrid by the end of 2023, up from 37% in 2022.


of respondents at companies with <1000 employees agree that satisfaction and retention would increase if companies invested more in their technology and support

Empowering the Future of Work with AI-Powered Productivity and Collaboration


Harness the power of generative AI to unleash creativity in the new era of work:

Google Workspace introduces generative AI-powered features in Docs and Gmail, inspiring new ideas and enhancing content creation.


Create a culture of innovation where everyone thrives:

Google Workspace enables seamless collaboration for remote, frontline, and office workers, enhancing productivity and patient experiences in healthcare and supporting animal welfare efforts.


Attract and engage next-gen talent:

Google Workspace's modern tools appeal to the workforce of the future, simplifying onboarding processes and facilitating remote work transitions, as seen with Zerodha's success.


Enable everyone to work safer:

Google Workspace ensures secure collaboration across devices and locations, providing automated defenses powered by Google AI for public sector entities like the U.S. Navy.

Employees using Google Workspace find real-time knowledge sharing leads to:

Greater innovation and problem solving

Increased efficiency and productivity

Better levels of customer services

Removal of Organization silos

Why Google workplace?

Streamline Scheduling:

With Google Workspace you can schedule and join events directly from Microsoft Outlook.

Desktop Empowerment:

You can work from traditional folders on your desktop rather than a browser if you prefer with Drive for Desktop. All changes will still be updated in the cloud.

Seamless Transition:

Converting your Excel files to Sheets is easy and automatic with the Macro Converter add-on.

Google Cloud, where cutting-edge solutions are crafted to fuel success in the digital era. Harness the power of secure infrastructure, scalable computing, advanced analytics, and machine learning capabilities to revolutionize your work, collaboration, and growth. Join the global community of millions of businesses who have placed their trust in Google Cloud, propelling their digital transformation journeys and achieving extraordinary outcomes.

Why Google Cloud?

Intelligent Automation

Harness the power of intelligent automation with Google Cloud, optimizing workflows and enhancing efficiency through automated processes and intelligent decision-making.

Data Insights

Unlocking actionable intelligence from your data with Google Cloud's advanced data analytics, enabling informed decision-making and driving business growth through data-driven insights.

Scalable Infrastructure

Fuel your organization's growth with Google Cloud's scalable infrastructure, providing the flexibility and resources needed to support your expanding business operations and meet increasing demands.

How Google Cloud can help your business?

Unified data & Al platform
  • Hundreds of millions of ML models with customer usage growing 200% YoY
  • Building the most open data ecosystem with more than 900 partners and leading software integrations, helping organizations avoid vendor lock-in
  • Translation Hub translates content in 135 languages
Next-generation infrastructure
  • One of the world's largest networks with 37 regions 112 zones, and 187 edge locations available in over 200 countries and territories, all connected by 22 subsea cables
  • GKE Autopilot is 2.7X faster to deploy than AWS EKS, and scales horizontally 3.2X faster
  • World's largest publicly available ML hub with Cloud TPU v4
Al-powered collaboration
  • 2X fewer email security incidents than organizations using Microsoft 365
  • More than 5 billion apps have been installed in Google Workspace
  • 82% of people who switch to Google Workspace state their team has become more innovative vs. 47% of Microsoft 365 switchers
Invisible security
  • Google keeps more people and organizations safe online than anyone else in the world - billions of users and millions of sites
  • Prevented the largest L7 DDoS attack recorded to date
  • >40.000 vulnerabilities have been found by Google in Open Source Software Projects

What's Next for Cloud


Igniting a Technological Revolution:

Experience the dawn of generative AI, marking a pivotal moment in technological history. This emerging field presents an unparalleled opportunity, with the potential to revolutionize entire industries and reshape the way we work.


Simplifying Infrastructure for Business Success:

Google Cloud emerged as a leader, empowering startups and enterprises to focus on their core business instead of managing data centers, setting the stage for the remarkable transformations to come.


Accelerating Efficiency through Collaboration:

Witness the evolution of the cloud in the Infrastructure Cloud Era, where businesses migrated en masse to reduce costs and leverage collaboration tools for enhanced efficiency.


AI Transformation Era: Innovating at the Intersection of AI and Cloud:

Embrace the AI Transformation Era, where the convergence of AI and cloud computing is reshaping industries at an unprecedented pace.


Embracing Technological Shifts for Human Advancement:

At Google, embracing technological shifts as opportunities to reimagine how it can empower individuals and businesses is the main goal.

Partner Benefits

From elevated partnership levels to tailored support, our offerings empowers you to unlock new opportunities and expand your market reach. Discover a comprehensive
overview of the remarkable benefits that await you as our valued partner, and embark on a journey of mutual growth and prosperity

Access to Market Expansion
Secured Deal Registration
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Exclusive Benifits
Additional Rebate

What customers and partners says?

Partnership with Redington & Google has been an asset in our growth journey. The continuous and prompt support received from Team Redington has ensured careful and smooth migration of all our tasks and loads on Google Workspace
We applaud our partners at Redington to help us at each step of the way Evaluation. Implementation. Migration

MR. V Rambabu CEO& Whole Time Director
BonTon Softwares Pvt. Ltd.

The support from Redington and its partner has already increased the user satisfaction rate within the organization. We thank the team at Redington to ensure that our migration from existing server to Google Workspace is seamless and completed in time. Our entire team is excited to explore the capabilities of Google Workpace! Kudos to Team Redington!

B. Suman IT LEAD IT LEAD-Mukesh Manish & calpesh Chartered Accountants
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