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Premium Technical Support – 24X7X365 monitoring by a expert Redington support team


Cloud DR operates in the background, without requiring reboot or impacting your system in any noticeable way.

TCO reduction

Cloud regularly keeps your data in sync. This way you only pay for your fully provisioned recovery environment in an actual disaster, which significantly reduces your TCO.

Faster turnaround time.

Cloud regularly backup your data. Hence, when disaster strikes, it takes minutes to copy or move the backed-up systems so the company can resume operations right away.

Minimum dependencies

As cloud works quickly, the company saves on costs to fix the system, as well as the financial losses incurred by significant downtime.

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Ready-Made Solutions


$241per month

Plan Highlights

• RTO 4 Hours
• RPO 12 Hours
• OS Linux & Windows
• Technical Support 9×5


$328per month

Plan Highlights

• RTO 15 Minutes
• RPO 1-4 Hours
• OS Linux & Windows
• Technical Support 9×5


$464per month

Plan Highlights

• RTO 0-5 Minutes
• RPO >=0 Minutes
• OS Linux & Windows
• Technical Support 24×7

Cloud Solutions for your IT challenges

• High cost to build DR setup in on-premises sites or datacentres. But with cloud get low cost Upfront investment.

• Cloud provides on-demand costs.

• Planning and Setup is easy.

• Failover /Failback is easy.

• Separate levels of DR per application or business unit.

Common Disaster Recovery Use Cases

• Automated failover

• Business Critical services and functions

• Achieve low RTO and RPO of range

• Business Continuity with minimal downtime

Key services included

✔ 4 hours per month during DR

✔ 24×7 Monitoring

✔ Technical Support

✔ 730 hours running per month-Passive Environment

✔ 10 Alarms Monitoring alerts included

✔ 1 Dedicated IP

✔ 1VPN Connection

✔ 1 Route 53

✔ India Datacenter(Mumbai)

✔ Audit logging

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No business is invulnerable to IT disaster.

But with Cloud Disaster recovery plan make sure your mission-critical data is highly secure and available.

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Avail Free trial up to $300