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 Technical Support

Enjoy plethora of benefits with server led cloud infrastructure

    Zero investment

Spend nothing on physical hardware and its maintenance – CAPEX to OPEX model.


Automatic updates for infrastructures.


Infrastructure resource which can be scaled anytime is available on a requirement basis.


Access your files and data from anywhere with a stable internet connection, provided the security protocol of cloud permits it.

    Premium Tech Supoort

Monitored 24 x 7 x 365 by an expert in Redington support team.

    Save Time & Money

Infrastructure is maintained by the cloud provider.

    Quick Recovery

Recovery time is less in case of disasters with no or limited data loss.

    On Demand

Resources are allocated on demand.

    High Availability

Read writes is guaranteed for specific application requirments.

You are unique, so are requirements!
Choose the right Cloud infrastructure solution pack that suits your requirement.

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$88per month

Plan Highlights

• Memory 4-8 GB
• Processor 2 Core
• SSD Root Volume 8-32 GB
• Disk SSD 50 – 100 GB
• Technical Support 9×5
• OS Linux & Windows

Smaller Websites

  • Complexity raised in  hardware upgrade due to rapid increase in traffic, can be easily solved with minimal management
  • No fuss over the IT staffs for maintenance purpose, as it will be provided by the cloud vendors

Smaller Workloads

  • No worry about exceeds the budget cost as you pay for what we use
  • Provides easy solution for performance stabilisation while traffic increases

Code Repositories

  • Cloud vendors will take care of security as well as regular updates which eliminates the need for more experienced professionals within the organization
  • Management and maintenance of server will be provided by the cloud vendors.

Smaller Websites

  • Low traffic webservers.
  • Entry level Applications

Smaller Workloads

  • Run at low to moderate baseline CPU utilisation.

Code Repositories

  • Continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD).

*Provides 150-300 read/write operations


$202per month

Plan Highlights

• Memory 8-16 GB
• Processor 2-4 Core
• SSD Root Volume 16-64 GB
• Disk SSD 100 – 150 GB
• Technical Support 9×5
• OS Linux & Windows

Websites and Web Applications

  • Difficulties for websites to be accessible from any corner of the world becomes simpler as on cloud it is easy to deploy in multiple regions.

Medium workloads

  • Provisioning of server is easy ie in minutes and doesn’t depend on actual human efforts, which would generally take longer time.

Dev /Test environments

  • Performance utilization testing can be carried out with zero percent loss of the physical servers
  • It is easy to manage the upgrades and patches. As for development everything has to be updated and every employee has to update their own devices which becomes difficult in on-prem.

Websites and Web Applications

  • Website whose traffic fluctuates a lot.

Medium workloads

  • Moderate to high CPU baseline utilisation

Dev /Test environments

  • 3-5% utilization of resources

*Provides 300-450 read/write operations


$540per month

Plan Highlights

• Memory 16-32 GB
• Processor 8-16 Core
• SSD Root Volume 32-128 GB
• Disk SSD 150-200 GB
• Technical Support 24×7
• OS Linux & Windows

High performance webservers

  • Cloud vendors maintains all the redundant network activities & resources such as routers and switches, hence reducing any additional cost
  • Cloud vendors provides up-to-date security certifications at low cost. So no need to pay separately for an indestructible security.

High performance webservers workloads

  • High availability is provided in the cloud. Latency can be reduced by this.

Analytics/ Deep learning

Storage management is less difficult and expensive.

High performance webservers

  • require sustained high CPU utilization

HPC workloads

  • High CPU and memory baseline utilisation

Analytics/ Deep learning

  • Business Intelligence (BI),
  • Reporting and analytical processing

*Provides 450-600 read/write operations

Key services included

✔ One time Implementation

✔ Security Best practices

✔ OS Management & Patching

✔ Audit logging

✔ Firewall policy configuration

✔ CPU, Memory, Disk Management

✔ 10 Alarms Monitoring alerts included

✔ Define and Manage Retention policy

✔ 24×7 Monitoring

✔ 1 Dedicated IP

✔ Backups management

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