Cloud computing has been growing exponentially ever since it’s advent two decades ago. It is frightening to realize that we still have not got deeper and explored all the possibilities cloud holds for us. It is not unknown that unraveling and improving cloud infrastructure will bring about what we have been waiting for – the era of cloud.

It is undeniable that cloud infrastructure has got an important role to play in the mass acceptance of cloud computing. Cloud infrastructure is unbelievably flexible and can be combined with other technologies which has led to a new dimension in computing. Here are the three trends set by cloud infrastructure that will rule the business world-

1. From Emerging to Mainstream Adoption Across Industries

Gartner predicts that the IT sector will invest a huge amount of $3.77 Trillion in cloud infrastructure and computing. It is also reported by Future of Jobs Survey by the World Economic Forum (WEF) that 72 percent of companies around the world will shift their data and services to cloud computing by 2022.

  • ‘slope of enlightenment’

This was not the only prediction Gartner made. According to Gartner’s 2018 Hype Cycle for Cloud Computing the technology has reached the ‘slope of enlightenment’. This is used by Gartner to track the impact and response of customers of emerging technologies.

  • Expanding

It is not surprising that the features offered by cloud infrastructure is sought out after by firms overseas. It was noticed in the beginning of 2019 that cloud infrastructure dependent computing was being accepted across countries and ready to set foot in businesses all around the world.


2. Achieving a New Customer Experience Dimension

In today’s world, the options available to people and firms are numerous. This makes it crucial to have an excellent customer experience to impress and make them stay. Over time, we have understood that with B2B and B2C companies have built their customer base with the quality of experience and great experience provides immediate feedback about the company and its products. Thus, the next frontier of cloud computing is the creation of an out of the world customer experience. These are ways in which it is possible-

  • Evolve by collaborating

For cloud to further evolve, it will combine with IoT, analytics, machine learning and AI, to change the way firms function and interact with their customers. For example, with the abilities of cloud computing, firms will have the resources to access innumerable explicit data in real time and this data can be used by AI to derive algorithms and road maps in such a way that the company has more benefits.

  • Evolve by self

Cloud infrastructure has facilitated cloud computing to possess abilities that will analyze various dimensions and types of data, like operational and customer experience data. These data will provide deeper insights into the company’s operations and customers which can be used to build new products and services. Cloud has combined the experience data of customers with the operational data of firms to conclude on a strategy that create a breakthrough in customer experience and brand liking.

3. Continuous Innovation as a Service

In a growing world where demands and requirements are increasing exponentially, innovation is the only way to tackle other firms and achieve victory. For this it is mandatory to be aware of cutting edge technologies and market trends to develop and offer what is needed pragmatically with poise. One of the most difficult challenges for companies is that innovation is perpetual i.e., it is a continuous endeavor.

  • Innovation as a service

We believe the next phase of cloud infrastructure is the rise of digital business services which aims to transform business with service as the center of their being. With cloud infrastructure, various doors have opened that has room for opportunities to make innovation happen.  Innovation is becoming part of a company’s corporate culture.

  • Adapting to changes

Change is inevitable in innovation. It is becoming common and it is crucial to adapt to these unprecedented changes even if they are difficult. The time has come for firms to look ahead and transform themselves into intelligent enterprises that make use of change. The evolution of cloud infrastructure will sure create wonders. Cloud infrastructure is the key to a successful business tomorrow. Thus, the earlier you adopt cloud computing, the earlier you will achieve your goal in this world.


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