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Is Cloud Adoption reshaping businesses?

Cloud adoption in India is growing rapidly post AWS, IBM and Microsoft have launched there Data centers to catch up with the fastest growing economy. These launches have shown tremendous growth in terms of customer acquisition in the last one year. There are reports that predict huge growth in the next 3 years. Read the Gartner Report.

Now let us talk about how cloud reshapes your business strategy. Adopting cloud is not necessary to discard or abandon the existing, old business strategy. Meticulous and careful upgrades of what we already have will solve the problem. As an organization, the major difference comes in terms of the capex cost. Unlike on-premise model, you don’t have to invest heavily. Even for getting upgraded, you just pay for what you really use. This helps in making the most out of your money by putting it to fruitful use in your core business.
The Typical Costs incurred in an On-premise model:

TCO calculation of on premise and cloud computing
TCO estimates for on-premises deployments often ignore overhead costs

A TCO comparison for a 3-tier architecture model.

TCO calculation example of on premise and cloud
TCO calculation example of on premise and cloud

Organisations should compare the cost of ownership of Cloud model with on-premise model for atleast 3-5 year period to take a fair decision. When it comes to on-premise model don’t forget to include tangible/intangible costs involved and that makes a huge difference.
Cloud comes with other advantages too for example When demonetization happened in the month of November 2016 which brought a lot of changes in our day to day life especially in terms of how we pay for goods and services. India’s leading payment wallet service firm which was looking for sustainable stability in the market. Demonetization was a drastic life changing event, where their growth increased 1000-fold overnight. Consider a situation where they are using on-premise servers. Would it have been possible for them to grow even 50-100%? The answer is a definite NO! One look at the process and time required to procure a server and then anyone can realize it wouldn’t have been possible. It was easy for the firm to grow enormously in that time of need because they were updated and geared up with the latest technologies of cloud.
It is understandable from the customer’s point of view that they require extra time for transition towards cloud. Obviously finding the right skills to execute cloud adoption is still a challenging task. But not all small/medium size businesses can afford a cloud resource like they used to have for on-premise systems. We at Redington Cloud Solutions Group are helping this cause by enabling organizations to move towards cloud with certified resources across vendors making the adoption easy and affordable.
At the end I want to say that cloud adoption is little tricky but if you have the right people and skills it would be a mere cake walk into the world of cloud. We at Redington support customers cloud adoption seamless.

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