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Do you know how big the cloud computing market in India is?

It is a given these days, that cloud adoption is booming. This increasing cloud adoption gives a lucrative opportunity for resellers to capitalize on. This article explains how big is the cloud computing market in India and how channel partners such as value added resellers commonly known as VARs, cloud consulting partners, managed service providers and system integrator can capitalize on it.

A recent Gartner study reveals that the public cloud Infrastructure as a Services market in India is projected to grow 43% to US$ 1.9 billion by 2017. This can be owed to the increasing penetration of internet technology and rapid emergence of e-commerce.

Table 1. India Public Cloud Services Forecast (Millions of U.S. Dollars)

With changing cloud mindset and an increased cloud adoption among organizations, the cloud computing market in India has grown beyond measure. The following 4 pointers explain how channel partners can benefit from the big cloud opportunity:

Cloud partners are outperforming again!

An IDC research over the last 5 years has repeatedly shown that cloud partners demonstrate better business performance.

Cloud partners are more profitable and grow faster!

The study points out that cloud partners witness 1.5x gross profit than their non-cloud peers.

Cloud partners have more recurring revenue!

In any business recurring revenue is more powerful and is more desirable. Cloud partners have 18x recurring revenue than their non-cloud counterparts.

Cloud partners attach more value to cloud solutions!

This provides cloud partners to add value added cloud based solutions in addition to selling cloud products. This not only creates inflow of additional revenue, but also increases customer stickiness and retention.

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With the different driving factors that increase cloud adoption there is a huge digital transformation across different industry segment and markets. This along with the humongous benefits for channel partners provides a room to emerge successful in their cloud journey.

With ‘Cloud Simplified’ as our mantra, we at Redington Cloud Solutions, help our business partners overcome key business and technical challenges by helping them start, grow and optimize their cloud practice and win the cloud race like a king!

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