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SAP Customers: The future is cloud. Are you in it?

In this cutthroat business environment, achieving results and outcomes are the need of the hour. There is no scope for complacency or letting the noose loose, because there are hundreds of other competitive businesses who will leap ahead and leave us trailing behind. Making informed decisions and predictions will help you stay ahead and sustain the lead.

What’s needed?

  • Combining real-time insights and modern ERP systems will help you succeed in the market
  • Constantly and intelligently reinventing your business in the existing market
  • It’s not enough to develop insights, but the will to quickly turn them into action will define your leadership
  • Adopting robust business processes and using end-to-end cloud solutions will help provide data-driven insights and enable quick action

Deployments challenges adversely affect the digital potential

The real disadvantages of using a non-cloud based SAP landscapes are it’s slow operating process, danger of man-made errors and the failure to imbibe an overall view of your business operations across various data centers. Scale-able and efficient business can’t function with disparate systems and data in an IT environment, allowing gathering of customers’ views and manual feedback loops months to identify and resolve difficult. Attaining real business value is not possible, unless data and processes are not able to or unavailable to be retrieved, analyzed and taken advantage of in making future decisions.

SAP’s stunning cloud track record
Since the cloud revolution began, SAP has been its early adopter, foremost proponent and has continued its unflinching commitment to its growth. Based on a report in CRN, SAPs growth was 31% to $3.21 billion. A better growth was seen in the SAP cloud subscription and support revenue, which grew by 34% in 2017 to between $4.15 billion and $4.37 billion. Considering the growth trends, one can approximately predict the expected cloud revenue for SAP will reach $8.74 billion to 9.28 billion by 2020. SAP is offering traditional on premise solutions, which are now available on cloud and includes ERP apps (S/4HANA), the entire LOB apps set, BI/analytics apps and much more.

Over 90% of businesses are already using cloud technology in a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment, according to SAP. And by all accounts, the pace of cloud adoption will quicken markedly in the years ahead.Even though a plethora of cloud and cloud based technology companies have appeared in the market, SAP holds its ground having pioneered in this segment for 40 years, way before everyone else. With a rich legacy of helping big and complex organizations run with our enterprise software, we have been an integral part of many success stories. SAP’s applications have been mission critical to our customers’ everyday operations and have kept their business operations running smoothly irrespective of any eventualities.

Ever since cloud and cloud technology burst open the door of mainstream business processes, it has continued to create a dramatic shift in how software is used. Although it’s only natural that industry players adopt cloud technology to stay ahead, SAP has been prominent in utilizing our cloud-first strategy to the customer’s advantage.

Earlier Customers were drawn to cloud largely because of its cost-effective solutions, however cost has been the last thing in their mind right now as they seek robustness, scalability and compatibility more.

What can cloud provide?
The answer is INNOVATION. Cloud has opened up possibilities that were not even conceived before. Cloud’s ability to innovate and adapt to changing industry dynamics has been the reason for its popularity and why businesses are welcoming to its prospects. As every company out there needs to be competitive, they also understand the need to innovate – cloud provides them the leverage to do that.

SAP’s ability to provide end-to-end solution is the differentiator in the solution providers segment as others only concentrate or have the ability to target one particular business problem. SAP gives due diligence in understanding the entire business process and offers solutions tailor-made to address specific problems, thus ensuring that our solution fit everyone, irrelevant of their scale and scope. SAP’s reach has spanned over 26 industries in 190 countries.

Through SAP’s quick-paced innovation, we are helping businesses move away from process-driven software cycles, that consumes time and resource. Instead, we are presenting them with a better alternative – iterative, sprint-oriented, agile driven processes. Uncomplicated delivery, foresight in innovation and quick time-to-market have made a positive impact in the ROI of businesses.

SAP’s Advantages
Adapting cloud infrastructure in your business reduces your capital expenditure as you will no longer spend your money accommodating and maintaining your servers and on other related overhead costs, such as provisioning and upgrading your hardware and software etc. With cloud all you have to do is to focus your energy in running your day-to-day business and leave the rest in the able hands at SAP.

SAP’s unique Pay-As-You-Use pricing model is beneficial for both startups and established corporate businesses who are constantly scaling up.

How to move to cloud with SAP?
Now that cloud has made its mark and is gaining immense popularity, more and more businesses are moving towards adopting cloud solutions. In doing so, they are assured that their business is not disturbed and carries forward what already works well for them.

We’re boosting the cloud-first approach with SAP HANA – a common cloud platform that unifies all solutions into one, including non-SAP solutions that businesses are already using. The cloud infrastructure removes silos that causes hurdles in innovation and helps organizations succeed. Customers can develop their own cloud applications or use bespoke HANA cloud platform to their advantage and still run mission critical applications without any issues.

So, if you are keen on innovation, SAP is the way to go. Redington’s know-how and tried and tested business process  are capable to assess, plan and migrate your complex SAP workloads to cloud with best practices.We provide 24 x 7 managed services to monitor, optimize and securely maintain your workloads on cloud.

Talk to our cloud experts now to revitalize your business with the amazing benefits cloud has to offer.

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