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The blooming cloud opportunity you cannot miss!

A few years ago, the tech industry had huge technical debates about cloud definitions and attributes. The common mind share among everyone was that, “Cloud computing is the next big thing!” Today, we can see a huge shift in the conversation trends in the tech circle. The conversation has shifted to, “Cloud is the new normal, aren’t you cloud ready yet?”

Cloud computing has not only revolutionized how people consume information technology, but it has also generated a lot of cloud opportunity! Over a period of years, cloud solutions have become more mature and diverse. The level of satisfaction organizations have on the different cloud service offerings is increased day by day. Realizing the benefits, more and more CIO’s are adopting a “Cloud-First Strategy”.

This means, they will consider cloud adoption first, before making an IT purchase decision. CIOs these days are excited about the opportunities and benefits of cloud computing. A study conducted by Indian Brand Equity Foundation, more than 70% of CIOs has said to favor cloud adoption.

This high interest among CIO’s and other key decision makers of organizations has pushed IT companies to go full-fledged to adopt cloud computing. Given the benefits of elasticity, scalability, reach and improved performance, organizations of different sizes and different industry verticals like banking, retail, education, healthcare, manufacturing and many others are increasingly seeking cloud adoption.

What does this mean for resellers? It is an amazing opportunity to start doing cloud business now! With the booming cloud opportunity and multi fold benefits, let Cloud feature in your business plans as a big picture!

With ‘Cloud Simplified’ as our mantra, we at Redington Cloud Solutions, help our business partners overcome key business and technical challenges, open up new streams of revenue and win the cloud race like a king!

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