Six reasons to empower your business apps with Microsoft Azure

6 Reasons to empower your business apps with Microsoft Azure

Businesses have come a long way in providing solutions to other businesses. But, with the cloud adoption happening so rampant, one can’t necessarily afford to ignore the possibility and benefits of moving their business apps to cloud. So, here are six key reasons why you must move your business apps to cloud infrastructure and mainly Microsoft Azure. Take a look at how Azure stands an opportunity to transform your business with the presence of cloud, and how you can benefit as a present Windows Server user in cloud adoption.

1. The power of Azure

Azure runs all your business applications, right from Oracle and SAP to Red Hat, IBM and Microsoft Applications. It does so by providing seamless integration, consistency and global scalability with on-premises environment. Azure is your most cost effective cloud option for your business apps.

2. Cloud Adoption made easy

As Azure is wired i.e. built upon the same technologies like Windows Server, Active Directory, Hyper-V and SQL Server, it has consistency spread across with stability. You can now move your data between on premise machines and virtual machines at a pace that’s totally flexible to your preferences. With assured cloud backups and Disaster Recovery options, the data from your critical applications are safe and secure. If you opt for on premise and Azure, you can enjoy the awesome benefit of ExpressRoute an ultra-reliable connection that’s private and fast.

3. Demanding workloads

Azure is built in mind to serve demanding workloads, thanks to the incomparable compute and storage performance. Data intensive workloads like SQL Server and DATA, Warehouse and D SAP SD Standard apps will utilize G Series VMs and more than 80k IOPs of Premium Storage. 

4. Easy to set-up

You can leave the hurdle of configurations, deployment and maintenance to our safe and experienced hands. You have got pre-packaged templates to pick out from, so that you start your Azure journey quick and easy. The templates are tried and tested to help you easily set-up even the complex environments for your business apps.

5. Do not lose your Microsoft License

To satisfy the demand and requests for customers to enable the move from existing Windows Server and Windows license to Azure, we have come up with the Hybrid capabilities. Now, enjoy the best of both the worlds, without having to compromise your existing license. Extend your use to services like SQL Server and SharePoint.

6. Premium support

With an open and flexible cloud service, Azure supports various operating systems, frameworks, tools, computer languages, devices and databases, to suit your unique business needs. With amazing software you get unbelievable premium support from vendors and partners, to keep you focused on improving the software; while the tedious task of maintenance and up gradation is taken care by cloud experts.

If you have read the intricate benefits and reasons to switch to cloud, you must fill in the form to get a free assessment on your cloud journey. Let us figure out a cost and time, effective for you to switch, so that there is minimal downtime and thus, reduced effect on your daily operations.



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