How Manage My Lawsuits achieved
business continuity through
deployment in AWS

About Manage My Lawsuits

Manage My Lawsuits (MML) is a software designed to assist Indian lawyers and law firms in solving problems they face while organizing and streamlining bulk information by managing and following the daily activities and communicating with fellow advocates in the law firm.

The Challenge:

MML faced a few unresolvable problems with data center, which previously hosted their websites and applications. Data center was unable to manage MML’s workload and processes and did not provide business continuity with maintenance activity that the company required. Moreover, MML’s applications were managed by another party due to which data center could not optimally manage the infrastructure and application dependencies, especially since the company needs scalable, durable and secure data protection solutions for their business and also to provide the support their customers expected.

Preparing an infrastructure for acquisition:

MML developed an approach which consisted of two parts that needed to be implemented parallelly to prepare the infrastructure for their migration to AWS.

The Redington team and our developers worked closely together to understand the process flow of the current application and devised a plan to deploy the servers in AWS. Our focus was predominantly on building a secure environment with high availability to protect the customers’ sensitive data from loss. To reinforce the safety of data, we recommended Automated Data Backup and Restoration using AWS Backup services.

Redington Simplified Solutions:

Redington team decided the best way to solve MML’s problems would be by rehosting the entire MML infrastructure and building it on AWS with high availability and quick, easy server access.

We arranged for timely automatic backup and retention of data in APPLICATION and DATABASE servers at regular intervals using AWS Elastic Block Store Volume and other simple store services to facilitate efficient and easier management of RTO and RPO based data, which was one of MML’s major issues. We also used automated script for data cost optimization and S3 lifecycle policy for data retention policy.

We provided MML with high availability database servers by configuring MASTER/SLAVE setup to replicate the data using MYSQL native replication. By doing so, different databases are replicated to separate slaves and load on databases will be significantly reduced, thus providing high availability and better performance.

Additionally, we secured their customer’s passwords by using Access Management Strategy and kept the credentials in highly secure vaults. Moreover, we provided the users access to AWS root by enabling AWS Multi-Factor Authentication and Special access to AWS management console for IAM users.

We also configured the S3 Bucket policy to restrict the global access and control the access to application servers.


Manage My Lawsuits is experiencing flexible storage, data durability and security since its transfer to AWS cloud-based system. The company is noticing increased overall performance, lower risk, and marginally less effort is required to manage their IT system. “The restore times were faster than we expected. By storing the data in the region in AWS” says Manage My Lawsuits.

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