Identity as Cloud Solution Provider

Opp to address customers requirement end to end

Up to 15% Predictable Revenue

Maximum earning opportunity with innovative solution packs

Shorter Sale Cycle

Quantitative and qualitative solutions on cloud with pre-configured services

Cloud Expertise

Get benefits of 35+ cloud experts

Peace of Mind

Managing customer infra 24*7 on partners behalf

Avoid Being Left Behind

Evolve or die is the battle cry

Digital Marketing Support

Readymade standardized communication that are relevant on cloud features

program provide end to end customer cloud adoption and managed cloud environment for partner’s customers.

RMCS possesses the necessary technical competency, exposure, delivery experience, to help partners improve the value chain, with a clear plan to provide a seamlessly cloud migration & improve overall performance for your customers.


Redington and You will work with Customer IT Team to do assessment workshop and validate customer readiness for cloud


Findings from application/ Infra details via cloud solution, assessment is proposed to customers considering security and optimized cost


Step-by-Step processes of Migration in order of criticality and testing outcomes on Cloud


A continuous processes with proactive monitoring to ensure the infra is ALWAYS managed & optimize with respect to utilization, new needs

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Date: 20 July 2019

Time: 01.30 PM to 02.00 PM

Get Cloud Readiness and Cloud Feasibility Report, which will help us customize our existing solution packs for your customers that in turn will increase your win close rate

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